Karnam Malleswari (-69kg), India’s first female Olympic medalist. She won bronze in Sydney in 2000.

Fuck yeah on that C&J girl! 


Watch the whole movie on youtube. This is one of my favorite from Joan’s horror movie days in the 60s. Wait until the twist, it even blew my boyfriend’s mind the first time he saw it. Enjoy! 
"Strait Jacket" 1964

You can thank me later.

Yeah, my friend Stef takes gorgeous photos. And this talented lady didn’t make hurt either. Love these! See the rest of the shots at her blog! 



Amazing, Mucha inspired work.

Look Out for October Ainsley!

I have 3 events scheduled for the same night in October … 

Time for me to really put my “creative director” hat on. 4 “Space Dollz” for a convention, 2 Victorian masquerade strolling tables & a jester for a charity for a local hospital & 2 “Dead Girl Dancers” for my friends’ White Zombie/Rob Zombie cover band.

I am towing the line somewhere between totally overjoyed and totally overwhelmed that my dance team is finally taking off. What a blessing!
& this all happening in October around Halloween - the busiest time of year for ALL performers! I think Fall is going to be pretty rad this year Richmond. 

"Neon Dollz" @ Bass Factory: Glow Edition 7/18/14
Deviant Dollz Go Go
Costuming & Concepts: Gaia Flowerchild & Jezebel

"Devil Girls"
Bejeweled Eyepatches
& Go Go Style Bondage Belt from Divine Possum
Photographer: The Blow-Up
Models/MUA: Carrie Jo & Tiffanie Brooke
Styling: Divine Possum

"The Sherwood Stewardesses"Electric Forest 2014Team Bombshellz  I miss my Bombshellz performance family already! The Forest really is a magical place!

"The Sherwood Stewardesses"
Electric Forest 2014
Team Bombshellz  

I miss my Bombshellz performance family already! The Forest really is a magical place!

A Little Princess 1995. 
I am a princess. All girls are. Even if they live in tiny old attics. Even if they dress in rags, even if they aren’t pretty, or smart, or young. They’re still princesses. All of us. Didn’t your father ever tell you that? Didn’t he?”

No shit. My boyfriend & I have watched it several times and both love it. Especially when she wakes up in the room all decorated like India - yes please.

Love her.
And that she was part of a movie my mother ran out of the theatre watching. That’s horror! 

This 90s blog is THE BEST by the way.

This 90s blog is THE BEST by the way.

I don’t even care that I still have a hollywood crush on Taylor Lautner. Get mad about it. 

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Photo: The Blow-Up
Model/MUA: Carrie Jo